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Friday, September 5, 2008

Vegan Chit Chat and my trip to the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

I realized I have not written a post since August. This summer has just been so busy. I am still thinking of my amazing trip to the farm sanctuary in Watkins Glen.. I am excited to walk in the NYC walk in September.. It is going to be a wonderful experience for a precious cause. I look forward to going back to Watkins Glen one day. I recently took another trip to the Woodstock farm sanctuary which was also another lovely trip. It was such a treat to be sitting down at a table outside and have goats and lambs around you. One in particular is Albie, the goat who was found in Prospect park after escaping from a Brooklyn slaughter house. Albie now wears a prosthesis after loosing part of his leg that could not be saved with medical treatment.. He does not always wear it and it is amazing to see he can walk on three legs. But what is more amazing, is that he is here and happy. I sat on the grass with him, petting him as he ate the grass. I looked around me and saw the mountains surrounding me and felt at peace. The goats were so friendly and they all just wanted to be loved. It was like my kitties when they rub up against me showing their affection. Then there was this lamb just "BAAAAAA " in away. I am not sure exactly what he/ she wanted but whomever called out to her/him this lamb would run to you with such excitement. Like a child running to their mom, so sweet. I was really impressed to see cats and dogs running around with these animals. The kitty was actually in the area where the pigs were, rolling around. I had compared the pigs liking their bellies rubbed to my kitties liking their bellies rubbed when I went to the farm in Watkins Glen. It is a wonderful thing to see these animals living together showing they are all loving beings. The pigs were so cute and had a jealous streak. I was petting one pig and all of a sudden he was making it known he did not like it when the other pig came over also. He wanted all the attention to himself. Then you had one of the pigs just rolling around in the mud and another behind him in the water.. The cows were grazing in the green pastures and the air was a crisp rainbow of peace. I wrote a poem about my experience there which I will now share.

Eyes of forgiveness,
Amazing to see,
Trust in your touch,
Now roaming so free,

Mountains surrounding,
Stories of tears,

Standing in the midst,
calling out for love,
Running to reaching hands,

Many souls combined as one,
now they see
a rising sun,
others may never see this day,

The planted seeds of renewal
must continue,
surrender not,

Motionless in time,
together we breathe,
beside me,
the one that got away,
his name,

Greener pastures,
the breeze so fresh,
an everlasting moment,
a sign of stones overturned,

The bridge of hope,
above troubled waters,
growing chains of love not sorrow,

This I hold onto,
for many more tomorrows .

Written on Sept. 1, 2008 By Gemma M. Carrara

Each experience I have touches my heart and I hope you enjoy reading about them. I will end this with a picture of Albie.. Soon I will post another recipe.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Please come back again soon.

Here is the website address for the newspaper story about Albie.