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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Preparing for Easter Dinner

With the holiday approaching I wanted to write a post of the meal I will be making. It will be a small gathering with myself as the only vegan. But the cooking is a bit easier because it will be a vegan/ vegetarian dinner. When I was little my nan would always make ravioli for the holidays. And we would fill up on them and have to digest a bit for the rest of the food. So, we have not been doing that for a while now. But this year I decided to make the ravioli especially after I came across vegan ravioli in a natural food store. So here is the list of things I plan to make:

Regular ravioli and vegan ravioli (you could substitute with pasta of choice if you can not find vegan ravioli or make the same pasta for everyone)
Marinara sauce
Garlic Bread
Sweet potato's
Mashed potato's

Easter Sugar cookies
Chocolate Pudding Pie

As I have written in previous holiday posts the holidays have been wonderful since I became vegan. I have had some hosts make some vegan dishes or simply put part of the dish aside so I can add my own fixings like vegan margarine or cheese. I will also do that for example with the mashed potatoes. I make them and put mine aside so the others can mix it with what they like. When it comes to dinners when not everyone eats the same way there are ways for all to be happy. I am going to put the link below to a previous post I did with recipe ideas. The stuffing will be on that list. I did tweek the stuffing a bit but the original version is tasty also. I usually make toasted orzo pilaf (In the link below) and broccoli but I will not this time. I hope everyone enjoys their holiday. Tonight I will begin my cooking with the marinara sauce and the dough for the cookies.

Thank you for coming to my blog. Please come back again soon.



jenny said...

Oh yum!!!

Gnewvegan said...

It was indeed a Yummy Easter.. :)