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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It is Ok If you Slip......

I wanted to write about the occasional slip up in the life of a vegan. I remember one time I had went out with a group of people. There was a person there talking about how she had some kind of fish and she was vegan . Fish is not part of a vegan diet. You could sense that she was trying to rationalize this and her sense of guilt. I could hear the hesitancy in her speaking voice. We are all human and we can slip. I do not feel we should have to rationalize or excuse our behavior to anyone if we do slip. Yes, we will feel guilty but that is human nature. Think about how you are vegan or vegetarian most of the time and that is what counts. That you are actually making a difference, even with your occasional slip, compared to the person not doing anything at all. For example, sugar is in practically everything and occasionally there may be a product you want that has sugar in it that you are unsure where it came from. It is a personal choice if you have it and do not come down on yourself if you do. The same thing goes with honey. You may slip when you are under stress, at a special occasion or just because. I remember a friend said to me once if you have to have that “one thing” once a year to get through the other days of the year, that’s ok. You are still doing so much more then the person who does not do anything at all. So, if you slip do not come down on yourself so hard. You are human and veganism goes on.

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