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Monday, April 25, 2011

Explore a new culture in your kitchen

I really Enjoy Indian food. In the past I have made some recipes that called for some Indian spices. But recently I started learning how to cook Indian dishes. I look forward to more tasty dishes. Here are some photos of some of the recipes I made. I bought a cookbook and did add some more things to the recipe per my liking. That's the fun thing about cooking how you can be creative and change things to your taste. Exploring different cultural foods is enjoyable and Indian food is top on my list. So explore online or buy a new cookbook and mangia!

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Rani Chatrath said...

Ah! I love Indian food too (most likely because I am Hindu and have always eaten it). The spices make up for some bland college caf food... which I am attempting to detox from! Anyway, enjoy! There are a plethora of possibilities to cook Indian food if you are on a vegan diet:)

Gnewvegan said...

Thank you... The variety is wonderful and does pair well indeed with a vegan diet.

Geraldine said...

An excellent suggestion!