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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Spinach Soup with Low Mein Noodles by Gnewvegan

I was inspired to make my own Chinese Noodle bowl after having a rice noodle soup bowl I bought in the store.

4 or more servings
(yields 5 2/3 cups, 1 cup per 1 serving)

6 oz frozen chopped spinach
5 cups water
* Vegetable bouillon to equal 4 cups (see G note)
* 4 oz wide Lo mein Chinese noodles, broken in half (see G note)
1 small onion, 3 to 3 ½ oz , thinly sliced
1 teaspoon sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon onion powder
½ teaspoon adobo all purpose seasoning with pepper
salt and pepper to taste

*G note : For the vegetable broth you could use 4 cups of vegetable broth in a box and add 1 cup water.
* If you do not like your noodles long in a soup then break the noodles into three pieces instead of just two.

1- In a 2 qt pot put the appropriate amount of water. Put the bouillon in the pot and stir (break apart with fingers if you can) . If using broth from a box just pour the broth and water amount into the pot and bring to a boil.
2- Put all the vegetables, noodles, seasonings, salt and pepper as desired, and the oil in the boiling water, mix well and bring to a second boil.
3- Simmer on a low- medium flame, stirring occasionally for 8 minutes.
4- Serve and season with more salt and pepper if desired.

A reader of my blog requested pictures of the recipes and I am glad to say I am finally able to do that. Here is a picture of the soup.

I hope you enjoy the soup if you try it.

Thanks for coming to my blog. Please come back again soon.



John F. said...

This recipe sounds delicious and the picture really adds to the appeal of it. I do have one question though. what kind of onion did you use? Was it a yellow onion, white, do you think scallions would work in this recipe? Of course I'll experiment on my own, but I wanted to understand what you used too.

John F.

Gnewvegan said...

Hi John,

I used a regular yellow onion. I think I read somewhere or maybe heard it on tv that there is not much difference in taste between a yellow and a white. I am sure you could use scallion as well. I thought of that but I did not have any on hand. I always have a bag of yellow handy... Let me know if the directions I gave are easy to follow and if you like the recipe.. If you use scallions I would suggest slicing them thin, unless you like other wise. :)

Thanks for the comment on the picture. :)


Geraldine said...

I am a bit of an onion 'nut' LOL...Gemma, I have to disagree re: there not being much difference in the tastes (yellow/white). Yellow onions (especially Spanish variety) can be VERY strong and hot whereas white onions, although still flavorful are not nearly as strong or hot. We like Vidalia onions the most, sweet yet flavorful and never any aftertaste. Red onions, milder, great color added too. Scallions aka green onions, very strong flavour usually. And shallots with their garlic/onion combined flavour add a very interesting touch to so many dishes.
There's my onion rant!!! LOL


Gnewvegan said...


Ilove onions as well. Onions and garlic add wonderful flavor to many dishes I think. I appreciate your "taste" on onions. I guess my taste buds do not taste muchof a difference between the white and the yellow. I do with the red. I do not remember the last time I had a Spanish onion so I do not remember what I thought. I guess the taste may vary from one to another. :)I remember now it was a cooking show that did the taste test.