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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Store bought vegan soup

Well, Yesterday we had the snow storm. It is quickly turning into slush. Luckily for me I did not have to drive in the snow because public transportation is pretty good. I wanted to post during the week but time did not allow. A few days ago due to time constraints I knew I would not be able to make a soup that I wanted to. That day was a cold, windy day which is perfect for soup. So, while in the grocery store I looked to see if there was a vegan soup.. I came across a soup I had seen before by Thai Kitchen.. The one I bought was the spring onion rice noodle bowl. I normally always cook so I usually have some soup saved in the freezer.. But it is always good to know fast alternatives for the once in a while you just need something quick. It was pretty good and the best part is , it’s vegan... There are red letters on the back which say vegan and I read the ingredients and I did not see anything in there I could not eat. I do not know if their other products are vegan but I know this one is... :) When I make recipes I enjoy creating them from my head, veganizing recipes already known, and recreating a dish I enjoyed out. I definitely will be make my own version of this soup.. Here is the website of the company and you will see on the list of products the one that I had.

Here is the main site:

And on another note, that day I added more snacks to my snack bag, dried banana chips and cereal pieces... The cereal is a vegan cereal by Arrowhead Mills, sweetened shredded wheat bite size cereal. I bought it in the organic food store. As I have said you can add anything you want like dried fruits, pretzles, other nuts, etc... I take what I have and put it in my snack bag. So that would make the things I used so far edamame and soy nuts, golden raisins, vegan chocolate chips, cereal, and dried banana chips.

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope to see you again soon.


vko said...

It's nice to have so many vegan prepared foods & soups so easily accessible these days!

We are taking over the asked about Maya Chocolate-yes, for sure vegan- wouldn't love it if it weren't... it's from Green & Black's Organic chocolate and it's vegan. If you go to their website, they will tell you which flavors contain egg, dairy & which are suitable for vegetarians which I guess they mean strict like us vegans...I love their chocolates & the hot chocolate is divine.

Gnewvegan said...

It is good to know about the Chocolate. I was not sure because I do remember seeing the word vegetarian on the back of one of their products but not vegan.. I think I saw vegan on baking chocolate. I did come up with another way to make hot cocoa though in case I could not find cocoa. When I measure the ingredients correctly I will post it.. Thank you for the information.