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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vegan Chocolate Chip cookies

One day I was browsing around online to see if I could find some yummy vegan chocolate chip cookies. I came across a recipe that looked good. And they were indeed yummy.. :) Here is the link to the recipe and a picture I took of the cookies.. I will definitely be making these again..

Note: when using the egg replacer as stated in this recipe I did mix it with the water that the box states to mix the powder in. The recipe did not state to do that or not, but it was dry without the water. I only made half of the recipe because I was testing it out so I only added water for one egg amount. I think you are suppose to be able to view the making of the cookies on the site but I was unable to , so I made the choice of adding the water. I wanted to save part of the dough so I made two log rolls, wrapped it in glad press and seal and then put that in a freezer safe bag. So when ever cookies were desired I sliced what I wanted and baked it.. I also enjoyed eating the uncooked cookie dough. :)

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Allie B said...

You've been tagged, check out my blog for details!

Geraldine said...

Chocolate chip yummmmy....yours look great Gemma!

Gnewvegan said...

They were indeed yummy.. Thanks to that recipe I found online I can have yummy chocolate chip cookies.. :)