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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fresh Herbs from the garden

One thing about the summer approaching that I look forward to is planting some herbs and flowers. There is nothing like fresh herbs to give your food a wholesome flavor to it.. In the winter I have to rely on store bought but I love going to my garden and picking my own freshly grown herbs.. I also like to plant some flowers as well. In the pictures below you will see everything I planted except the tomato plant. That is in a container as well. The tomato plant is called "patio" container plant and hopefully cherry tomato's will grow. Last year was the first time I planted a tomato plant in a container. Only two grew because I learned the container was too small. This year I bought a nice size pot so we will see what happens.

Thyme and Oregano

Parsley, Chives and dill



Mint and Basil

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Geraldine said...

What gorgeous photos and plants! Will be great to add to upcoming dishes I'm sure. Fresh basil is probably my fav.

Alison said...

Hey Gemma - the herbs and flowers look wonderful! I'm attempting to grow sweet basil in my apartment with some silly kit I bought eons ago. So far I have tiny little basil plants popping up! My Mom is growing basil, tomatoes and lettuce on the ROOF!! I'm going to bring her some pepper plants too. LOL! Pepper says meow! ;-)

Gnewvegan said...

Thank you Geraldine and Ali. Geraldine, Basil is my favorite as well. I love the smell of fresh basil. :) It is great when I am cooking to be able to get fresh herbs for cooking. And Ali, let me know how your moms plants grow. I would have never guessed you could grow lettuce on the roof. And good luck with your basil. Sounds like they are starting to grow. I have some tomato's already starting to grow.

Kumudha said...

So many wonderful herbs!

You have an inspiring blog for new vegans!

Gnewvegan said...

Hi Kumudha,

Thank you for your comments. It is always wonderful to hear that my blog is being received well. :) I checked out your blog and enjoyed reading. I will continue to check it out. I added you to my blog roll..

June 21, 2008 9:10 AM