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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vegan eats at a Caribbean Restaurant

A few friends of mine and I went to eat at a Caribbean restaurant. I was not sure that they would have something to eat that I could have but to my surprise they had a few vegetarian items. I inquired about what was in one of them and was happy to find out I could eat it. They had a jerked spice tofu, a vegetable chop suey, I forgot one of them and the rasta pasta... I was in the mood for pasta that night so the rasta pasta it was.. I had penne style and it had a vegetable like spinach (I can not remember the name), red, green, yellow peppers and a wonderful flavor to it.. I have a picture to follow. The music and atmosphere were wonderful. It was great to sit and eat while listening to jamming Caribbean music played by a two man band. It is really a nice surprise when you go to a restaurant that you did not expect to find a dish you can eat and see some nice options on the menu. I am finding more places seem to be expanding their menu to suit a variety of dietary types. Happy vegan eating. I will definitely go back and inquire about the other vegetarian dishes for some more Caribbean dining.

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope you come back again soon.



Geraldine said...

Eating out still isn't easy for vegetarians and vegans but it's a lot better than when I became a vegetarian almost 20 YEARS ago. This looked like a pretty good choice. Have a Happy Day!

Gnewvegan said...

It was a tasty rasta pasta.. I am looking forward to trying more of their dishes. It seems as more choices are coming for vegetarians and vegans. It may take some more time depending on where people live but it is nice to see more options becoming available.