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Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Frozen Dinners

As much as I enjoy cooking there are times when I am just not up for it. There are not many vegan frozen dinners that I have found. Usually I would buy a dinner by "Amy's". I like the veggie meat loaf the best that she makes. Lightlife sells products that I use for my cooking such as the bacon and veggie crumbles. When I was looking through a store circular I saw that they now have come out with frozen dinners, six variations. The store that I went to only had three of them. I was excited thinking they would be vegan being I use their products already. Well, of the three the store had (a pasta one, Mexican one and Asian Teriyaki) I was only able to have one which was the Asian Teriyaki. It was good but I had hoped I could try the other ones. I looked online at their site and wrote to the company to request they consider making more of their dinners vegan friendly. They wrote back right away and did say they would send the request to the designated department. Hopefully, I will come across the other variations to see if they are vegan. Here is the website.

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