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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eggs and becoming vegan

When I first was learning about why someone would choose not to have eggs or dairy, I thought that maybe if I used organic eggs, or cage free that would be better. I even thought that maybe I could find a local farm where the chickens were raised properly and not have a dreadful outcome. So I bought the latter eggs, but still could not bring myself to have it. Then after research I knew that organic eggs or cage free were no better then the regular ones. The conditions and final outcomes for the animals were the same. I am writing about this to tell other new vegans that it is normal for you to doubt why you may or may not be eating something. This is a new way of life and sometimes we may tend to try and justify why doing certain things is ok. I thought I had to have meat and milk growing up because that it was the surrounding society and my upbringing seemed to focus on as the mainstay of meals. Even on pasta days we had the meatballs. The milk moustache commercials telling you that milk does your body good and meat always being the main course with veggies as your secondary was a way of life. At weddings I would see three choices which are fish, chicken or beef. And please , I do not want anyone to take offense at me mentioning society/ family as a reason behind food choices. I think it is a combination of what you are raised in and what you see in your surrounding society. And I was not raised in a vegetarian family. Now as an adult I learned things I never knew before and made a choice for me that I feel is the right one. I learned and realized that being vegan is a way of life that is not harmful to me, and makes me feel better as a whole. I have added here some web-sites that I found when making my decision on eggs in the beginning in case a new vegan is wondering about my earlier thoughts as well. As with any new journey learning is the key and is a powerful tool.

Happy vegan Living. I hope to see you again.


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