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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Going Green

I know this is not about how to be vegan however in my profile I stated how being vegan has expanded on my world of living. I had always recycled before but as I began to learn to become vegan I wanted to do more to help the environment. I thought about buying the canvas grocery bags before. I remember one day I was in the grocery store and saw a young man in front of me with a canvas bag. Of course, maybe he was not doing it for the same reason I am. But, for whatever the reason, it will help by decreasing the amount of plastic used. I saw the stores selling them more and more. So, I decided to buy my green bags and use paper bags more often to decrease the plastic use. I was watching the Oprah show one day and it was on going green. I try to use some of the suggestions. I have the power plugs and do my best to remember to turn them off to conserve energy, replace regular bulbs with CFL bulbs when it is time to change, conserving water, and I started buying eco-friendly products as I need to replace them. Step by step, person by person. You never know what will inspire you. The person in front of you, changing your way of eating as I have done with veganism, or an array of things. It is true, I think, one person can make a difference. Because one person can turn into two people, and so on. So, I am not only proud to say I am vegan, but that I am doing my best to go green. April 22, 2008 is Earth day.. I read on another blog about an act of togetherness called “Earth Hour” which was on March, 29, 08.. When cities globally turned out the lights at a certain time for their support of the environment.. Here is the website:

I wish I had known about it but I know about Earth day and thought this post would be appropriate. Here are some web sites about Earth day:

I will end this post with a poem I have written and say Happy Earth Day everyone..

The purity of the sunlight is in the path,
The light of life, to start a new,
The path that is within our reach,
The ocean waves reaching over the horizons,
The height of nature is the power we breathe,
The wind, snow, birds, flowers and trees,
Mountains, rivers, animals, living beings,
The purity of our earth is for us to seek,
It is the choices one makes,
That will encircle what is to be,

It is the color we choose,
And I choose green.

By Gnewvegan

Thank you for coming to my blog. I hope to see you again soon.


Geraldine said...

Well done Gemma! Congrats on your green efforts and your lovely poem to proclaim this too. It's all about the steps we take. Slowly but surely, they do add up.

Gnewvegan said...

Thank you Geraldine.. You are so right how it is all about the steps we take.. You can not get to the top without the climb. Thank you for writing on your blog about earth hour.. And your poetic blog is very nice...I am glad you started it..