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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Quick and Easy Soup

I love to cook and create new recipes. But there are those days when I come home and I do not even want to chop an onion. Well, yesterday was one of those days. So, I wanted to make something quick with what I had available. Recently I had bought frozen soups in a bag that you cook similar to the rice in a bag which I had never seen before. It was on sale so I read the ingredients and once I saw it was vegan I thought why not try it. I had bought the split pea soup and there were two packs to a box. I like a bit more seasoning so when I had it the first time I added some vegan parmesan cheese and some adobo seasoning. I wanted to make a fuller soup yesterday without much more effort. So, in a soup pot I boiled the water per the soup instructions and then put the soup pack in the pot. Total cooking time of this soup was 15 minutes. After 5 minutes I added a bag of the boil in a bag brown rice for it’s cooking time of ten minutes. After the 15 minutes was up I simply drained the pot and emptied both bags into the pot. I added some sliced tofurkey sausage to it and I wanted a bit more broth so I simply added some veggie broth. Then I sprinkled on some parmesan and I had my quick soup for dinner. No fuss and hardly any cleanup. There are other quick versions of soup you can do but this I guess you could say is my bag in a pot soup combo. :) You could use any soup you want and if you do not like brown rice you can use white. It has been chilly outside so soup was just what I needed. Today it is windy and I do feel a chill so luckily I have some left over soup in the fridge which I can heat up for lunch. I have it stored in these microwave soup mugs which are ideal. Another way to store your soup and to quickly heat it up without any fuss especially when you are on the go. I love soups and make them often in the fall and winter season. I hope everyone stays warm and that a nice bowl of soup can be enjoyed on a cold winters day however you make it.

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Zucchini Breath said...

Yumm Soup!

RE: your colrabi question:

Kohlrabi, as I now know it to be spelt, or spelled :) is a member of the turnip family. It tastes like an apple and a potato had a baby. But not in a good way. But good, somehow.

I like to grate it up in the salad because it goes bitter when it sits and I like a little bitter sometimes. I have also julienned it for wrap or taco filling and seen it sliced super thin for raw ravioli but I haven't tried it yet.

My MIL came over with some (she's great and all kinds of raw and vegan, too! lucky me!) the other night, I had never heard of it.

I just Googled and got these photos:

Have fun!

Gnewvegan said...
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Gnewvegan said...

Thank you Zucchini breath for the information and the photos. And I agree, yum to soup. I love that you can create so many different versions.