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Thursday, January 10, 2008

More product finds

Since I became vegan I am like a kid in the candy store when I walk into a whole food store. Finding new products to enhance the vegan lifestyle shows me more and more each day how being vegan is a way of life that can be done. When you find out where to get the substitutes and you have the gist of how to change recipes to vegan and explore new recipes it is like second nature. It is an exciting experience when ever I find a new product. While walking down the aisles I bought vegan worcestershire sauce by “The Wizards”. I was so glad to find that because I use worcestershire often and was surprised when I learned that it had anchovies in it. No anchovies in this one :) I also bought by “Nasoya” a vegi-dressing, soy based salad dressing, creamy Italian flavor.. A tip for my readers I learned is that you must read the bread crumb ingredients because in some there are eggs and milk. So in the whole food store look for vegan bread crumbs. And I was happy when someone told me there is butter that has no milk in it. I was getting disappointed seeing milk in margarine products in the grocery store. Well, “Earth balance” makes a vegan natural buttery spread.. All these products I found in the local whole food/ organic store. I always spend more time then planned when I go shopping because I enjoy looking around and seeing what I can discover. :)

Happy vegan shopping

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