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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Movie and the Diner

Last night I saw the movie “Juno” and it kept my interest the whole time. I think the lead actress was played by Ellen page and she did a wonderful job. The story is about a 16 year old girl who becomes pregnant and searches for adoptive parents for her baby. The story both touches your heart and your funny bone. She played the role very well and you feel like you are on the journey with her as you watch the movie.. This was the first time I had been to a movie theater since I became vegan. In the past I would usually order milk duds or the buttery popcorn. But this time, I ordered nothing and I was fine... I wanted to save my appetite anyway for dinner afterwards. This was also the first time I have went to a diner since I became vegan. I was not sure what would be on the menu for me to eat but I was up to the challenge. There actually were a few choices for me. My first idea was to make a meal out of the sides, tossed salad, veggie’s (and I would have told them no butter, just spices and maybe lemon), and linguini. Then I saw a veggie burger. I told the waiter I was vegan and had to give a brief explanation. No meat, eggs, cheese, milk, nothing from an animal I said. I asked the waiter if he could kindly ask the chef what the burger was made of. He did tell me there were no eggs, milk etc. But for some reason, I was unsure. Not that I thought he was not telling me the truth.. But, when I asked what held the burger together, the response was the same. So, not wanting to take a chance , I actually ordered something I never thought I would order in a diner. Pasta! Not that I think pasta in a diner would be horrible, but that is something I would order in an Italian restaurant. It was Fettuccini with pomodoro sauce. (Tomato) I asked if there was any broth in the sauce and the waiter said no, and to hold the chicken (which was stated it was part of the dish). It was actually quite tasty. Fettuccini with broccoli and tomato.. I ate it all!! And of course I had with me my vegan sugar and non-dairy creamer to enjoy my cup of hot tea.. So all in all, I would say my first movie as a vegan and diner experience went pretty well. Every day as a vegan I feel great and with each learning experience it enhances my journey in a positive light..

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you visit again soon.


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