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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vital Wheat Gluten and Vital wheat gluten flour

When I was given a recipe for home made seitan, besides the question on the nutritional yeast another question on vital wheat gluten surfaced. The recipe called for vital wheat gluten flour. When I went to look for it I found Vital wheat gluten in the section with the flour. I was unsure if it was one in the same and at the start of my research I was still unsure. With further research I came across the below website which explains about vital wheat gluten and vital wheat gluten flour. This website states that the two are indeed one in the same. And what it is called on the box is according to the manufacturer used.

Here is an excerpt " First, the Definition of Gluten:Gluten is a protein found in Rye, Wheat, Oats, Barley & Triticale. ("Gliadin" is part of the gluten structure. Gliadin is present in varying amounts in these grains. The combination of gliadin and glutenen makes gluten.) This protein gives structure, elasticity and sponginess.Vital Wheat Gluten Flour:Also called "gluten flour", "instant gluten flour", "pure gluten flour", and "vital wheat gluten" depending on vendor and manufacturer. This is flour with the starch and bran removed. Gluten is the natural protein in the wheat endosperm which, when combined with water, forms a taffy-like dough. This retains the gas and steam from baking."

I also called up the company of the product I bought where the box said " Vital Wheat Gluten", to ask the above question. What I was told is that they do not label it a flour, however some companies will call it a flour, as in the excerpt above. But it looks like a flour and can be used in the same way a product labeled wheat gluten flour is used. I have not made the recipe yet, but when I do, I will let my readers know what happens. If it does not work, then I know. On the back of the box of the product I have there is a recipe for seitan. So, maybe, these two products are one in the same. I always welcome feedback if any of my readers have information on this topic.

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